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Couples Counseling in Stuart, FL

Counselor in Stuart, FL

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

  1. Trust Issues/Betrayal 

  2. Intimacy Issues

  3. Communication 

  4. Conflict Resolution

  5. Pornography Use & It’s Impact on Your Relationship

  6. Affair Recovery (Physical  & Emotional Affairs)

  7. Life Transitions

  8. Separation or Divorce

  9.  Parenting/Co Parenting

Clients Can Expect To:

  • Identify triggers for feelings of loneliness, anger, and resentment

  • Gain greater intimacy

  • Learn how to respond to partners cues for affection and closeness

  • Learn communication skills

  • Learn conflict resolution skills

  • Learn ways to combat the effects of pornography, affairs, and infidelity on relationships

  • Share past hurts and traumas

  • Find healing, contentment, and satisfaction within the relationship

Couples Counseling

Relationships can be difficult and over time even strong connections can dwindle if left unattended. All relationships take work and there are a multitude of circumstances that can pose problems for relationships. Factors such as: children, work, stress, in-laws-, life transitions, infertility issues, friends, finances, and health issues just to name a few. Couples try to cope in various ways and often their attempt at solving the problem only makes things worse. Many couples seek help from a counselor when these attempts for coping have unintentionally led them down a destructive path. When there has been a betrayal within a relationship and trust has been broken it can be difficult, but it is not impossible to repair if both people are willing to work on the relationship and seek resolution.

Our couples Counselors at River Park Counseling are trained in Couples Communication, Prepare Enrich, and the Gottman Method which are programs that are designed to help couples get back on track. 


Most couples have never taken a class in communication or conflict resolution yet must communicate daily. Through therapeutic conversations we help couples learn the skills necessary to communicate effectively even during times of conflict. Conflict is not unhealthy for a relationship if it is handled in a constructive way.


We can help give you the tools to accomplish this with your partner. Our role in couples counseling is to help people learn the underlying issues that are causing the negative patterns of interaction that keep them stuck. We help each individual in the relationship build the skills necessary to create new healthy patterns of interaction that facilitate change and bring them closer together.


Many times couples come in during a crisis, but it can be beneficial for a couple to have frequent couple "check ups" to keep them on track during other times. Such as when a couple has their first child, when their children are entering the teen years, or during the "empty nest" stage. Life is always changing and happy couples learn how to adapt to the change together.


Although we cannot change what has happened in the past our counselors can help couples build trust, feel more connected, and find more satisfaction and support from their relationships in the present. Through strengths based approaches our counselors can help couples learn how to create shared meaning, manage conflict, accept each other's influence, talk about issues, turn towards each other, share fondness and admiration, and spend time understanding each other's world.


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