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Premarital Counseling in Stuart, FL

Couples Counseling in Stuart, FL

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Premarital Counseling

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Personality

  • Financial Management

  • Leisure Activities

  • Sexual Expectations

  • Friends and Family

  • Relationship Roles

  • Spiritual Beliefs

Clients Can Expect To:

  • Increase healthy communication

  • Learn effective conflict resolution skills

  • Understand the differences in personality (Not wrong just different).

  • Come to an agreement regarding financial management goals and methods

  • Discover what hobbies and activities you will enjoy together for a lifetime.

  • Understand each other's sexual expectations and family roles.

  • Transition into new stages of parenting effectively

Start your happily ever after on the right foot with our engaging and insightful premarital counseling designed to strengthen your bond.

 Congratulations! You are engaged and now are planning all the details of your upcoming wedding. One item not to skimp on is premarital counseling. Would you like to save yourself years of misunderstandings and frustrating communication? Many of our clients often say that they wish they would have come to marriage counseling sooner and that the material they learn during marital sessions should be required for all people getting married! Although, premarital counseling is not required it is extremely helpful and actually reduces the risk of divorce for a couple. With the rate of divorce at 60% and climbing in the United States this is an important fact. 

Our counselors are trained and certified Couple's Communication Instructors as well as Prepare and Enrich Facilitators. Upon entering counseling we offer an affordable ($35.00) couple's assessement that individually asks each person to answer questions regarding the 9 areas listed above. The answers are then tallied and the results are given to your therapist to review with you in your next session. This assessment is designed to help couples understand their strengths and growth areas before they get married! With the help of an expert couple's therapist you can start off on the right foot in your relationship from the very beginning! Call today to schedule you first appointment 772-206-0248.

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