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Adolescent Counseling for St. Lucie and Martin Counties 
(PSL, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City,and Hobe Sound, FL)

Teen Counseling in Stuart, FL

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Adolescent Counseling

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Social Skills 

  • Sibling Conflict

  • Family Crisis/Grief

  • Parenting/Co-Parenting

  • Parent-Child Conflict

Clients Can Expect To:

  • Identify triggers for anxiety, depression, impulsivity

  • Increase age appropriate social skills

  • Learn and utilize coping skills

  • Identify thoughts and feelings and express them effectively

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

Imagine your teen accomplishing their goals free from fear and anxiety in just a few months from now!

Adolescent Counseling in Stuart, FL

Being a parent of a teenager can be difficult to say the least! Their hormones are raging, they are surrounded by the influence of social media/peers, and are beginning to pull away to develop independence. This is happening all while under your roof and supervision. Many parents come to counseling feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, at the end of their rope, and unsure what to try next.

Counseling can help bridge the gap between parent and child during this difficult transition. Parents can expect to gain useful tools to help understand, validate, equip, correct, and ultimately cultivate a healthy relationship with their teen. The goal of parenting is to eventually send your child off into the world as a competent, God fearing adult.


Counseling can help to break down piece by piece any road blocks that may have come up during this process. Families will experience less conflict in the home as counseling helps to get to the root cause of many issues. Such as: arguing, explosive anger, isolation, and more

The world is changing with the use of technology and teens are exposed to many things earlier and earlier. This makes it imperative for parents to remain active and engaged in their teen's lives. It is crucial for healthy development that a teenager knows that there is a balance between appropriate boundaries and stable support. Although teenagers often rebel against them, boundaries actually help teens feel safe and protected. As a child grows the cone of responsibility and freedom also grows allowing them to gradually experience new things without the pressure becoming too overwhelming. 

Counseling helps teens have a safe place to talk about things that they may be too embarrassed to talk about otherwise. It is important for the teen counselor to keep conversations confidential between counselor and client other than any information regarding abuse that the parent would be notified of immediately. Teenagers need to know that what they share in counseling will not immediately be shared with their parents or they may shut down and all gains attained would be lost.  Our counselors often encourage teenagers to share their own  thoughts and feelings with their parents in a constructive way that helps to increase connection and healthy communication.


To schedule your free over the phone consultation please feel free to contact Melissa at 772-206-0248 or by email at

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